Originally from Marseille, Louis Bernard is a bilingual French / British actor based in London and Paris.

At the age of 12, he discovered springboard diving. Over a 10 year period, he represented his club and France in multiple national and international competitions. During this time, he also studied and graduated with a Master's degree in computer engineering. He then moved on to a new career as a business analyst working for over 6 years on projects based in Asia, Australia and Europe.

In the end, however, his enduring passion for acting saw him graduate in 2014 from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts (London). He is now working in films, theatre and physical theatre.

Previous film/TV credits include: Recently filmed a recurring role in SEASON 2 of a major series (STREAMING PLATFORM under NDA), a role in 2 episodes of BAFTA-winning ITV drama UNFORGOTTEN (Season 5), a role in THE PERIPHERAL, a new AMAZON ORIGINAL TV series. He also shot a French feature film NIEGE, directed by Laurent Tuel for France Télévision and PETITES (Little Ones) directed by Julie Lerat-Gersant. PETITES won the Boccalino d'Oro for best feature film at the Locarno International Film Festival this year.   

Previous Theatre credits include: Dogberry in Much Ado About Nothing (Gray's Inn Hall London, UK Cathedral Tour, French tour), Olive in Radieuse Vermine (Théâtre du Chêne Noir - Avignon, Leicester Square Theatre - London), Constable of France/Governor of Harfleur in Henry V (UK Cathedral Tour, Théâtre National de Nice), Mr Cratchit in A Christmas Cratchit (Theatre 503); Man in Follow Suit (Camden People's Theatre); Charles-Henri in On a mangé le Chameau de M. Hollande (Theatre Daunou, Paris); Stephen in Unprotected (Courtyard); and Jack Worthing in The Importance of Being Earnest (Melbourne French Theatre). He recently worked on an R&D with complicite: Stories My Mother told me.

Louis won the Best Actor award at the Sunlight International Film Festival for his lead role in MARGAM, a 30min horror/thriller short film directed by Aurélia Marine.

Louis is also a qualified personal trainer and group cycling instructor, working with private clients or teaching spinning classes at Fitness First and The Train Station Gym.


January 2019 - Much Ado About Nothing - Ian Foster (OughtToBeClowns): Nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Play - See article.

Novembre 2018 - Radieuse Vermine - Gilles Costaz / Webtheatre : "Louis Bernard - qui est là aussi comme auteur d'une traduction fidèle et inspirée - campe très finement un jeune loup athlétique façonné par la civilisation de la réussite et de l'irresponsabilité."

October 2018 - Radieuse Vermine - Stephane Capron / SceneWeb: "Joséphine Berry et Louis Bernard, impeccables dans la peau de ces jeunes catholiques bien-pensantsJoséphine Berry et Louis Bernard, impeccables dans la peau de ces jeunes catholiques bien-pensants."

Septembre 2018 - Radieuse Vermine - L'humanité: "un fabuleux numéro acrobatique, autant physique que verbal, interprétant à eux deux tous les rôles."

August 2018 - Much Ado About Nothing - The Stage: "The best consequence of Ben Horslen and John Risebero's choice of this setting is their multiple physical comedy references to the films of Jacques Tati, particularly in the character of Dogberry (Louis Bernard)."

August 2018 - Much Ado About Nothing - Ian Foster (OughtToBeClowns): "Louis Bernard's Dogberry is a complete revelation in this respect, a constant presence since he's the manager of the village bar and to be honest, I could watch a whole play of him just bumbling about with his comic shenanigans."

August 2018 - Much Ado About Nothing - LondonTheatre1: "Dogberry (Louis Bernard) and his motley night watch crew. This is one of the great comic scenes in all Shakespeare and Louis Bernard, in particular, is tremendous."

August 2018 - Much Ado About Nothing - Frost Magazine: "a hilarious Dogberry! ... Bernard's inspiration is Jacques Tati and it works a treat."

June 2017 - Radieuse Vermine - AgendaTheatre: "There is Louis Bernard, whose naivety and uprightness reassure us at first, and who reveals himself more ferocious than everyone. He performs with disarming naturalness, he is extremely funny and gives a performance worthy of the greatest comics."

May 2017 - Radieuse Vermine - Reg'Arts: 'With Joséphine Berry (strong and nuanced) and the surprising and brilliant Louis Bernard, the play works at full power."

February 2017 - Henry V - Everything Theatre: "The acting is truly outstanding, with not one weak link amongst the cast. Rhys Bevan plays a likeable and brave king. Floriane Anderson, Louis Bernard, Stephen Lloyd and Adam Philps all put in particularly memorable performances."

February 2017 - Henry V - DesperatelySeekingCymbeline: "Louis Bernard stood out for his defeated governor of Harfleur, so weary as he said "We yield our town and lives to thy soft mercy." 

April 2016 - Henry V Review - GrumpyGayCritic: "There is an incredible multi-cultural cast involved. Even on the French side of the company... swan through Shakespeare's verse with effortless grace."

July 2015 - On a mangé le chameau de M. Hollande - Culture Box: "un conseiller de bonne famille particulièrement pleutre (et surtout désopilant: bravo Louis Bernard!)."

London / Paris / Marseille
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